Criminal activity can have a catastrophic effect on your business continuity. And it’s a growing concern for business owners. In Nashville, crimes against commercial properties – including larceny and burglary- are rising this year.

Investing in state-of-the-art security is a must. At the top of your list will be commercial security camera systems.

Here is a guide on finding the most security technology and nine features you must have in your security camera setup. 

1. High-Resolution Images

Security camera surveillance is only valuable if you can see the details of the video footage on the screen. That’s how you can get important details like faces or license plate numbers.

Getting that detail means investing in a camera with high-resolution imagery. The best cameras have a pixel count that provides a resolution of over 4K. A high frame rate is also essential, as is the lens quality.

All this will ensure you get the most value from your videos and capture helpful film footage for your security team.

2. Night Vision and Low Vision Features

Surveillance is a 24/7 operation; nighttime tracking is essential. So, it’s one of the most important features you should look for in a security camera. Look for a spec that includes infrared technology and sensors.

These will help you gain clear images in low light conditions and at night. It’s crucial if you have a spot that doesn’t get much natural or artificial light, such as parking areas and the rear entrances of commercial buildings.

The sensors will help you pick up movement from those trying to gain access away from well-lit or public places. 

3. Wide Dynamic Range

In a security camera, you need a Wide Dynamic Range feature, which you might also see in specs as WDR. These cameras can capture footage from scenes with high contrast without image degradation.

For example, it can capture footage from a parking area with light and dark spots or places with sunlight and dark shadows. This technology uses multiple exposures to produce a higher-quality, more balanced image.

It means you won’t lose essential details when capturing large outdoor spaces, whatever the time of day.  

4. Remote Controlled Movement Technology

You should always opt for a camera with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) technology for the best surveillance.

You can remotely control these cameras. And that allows you to move them to better understand a potential security problem. You can make horizontal movements to scan areas and vertical movements to scan height.

It’s also possible to zoom in closer to an object. So, it gives extra support to a security team, such as spotting potential threats in a large crowd.

These camera features are essential for real-time surveillance, helping you preempt a possible security incident.

5. Robust Design That Works in All Weather

Security cameras must be robust enough to work in any weather, including heavy rain, snow, or freezing temperatures. So it’s crucial to find one that has weatherproof features.

That durability will ensure your camera offers 24/7 surveillance, even in extreme weather.

Robustness is also about having a sturdy camera that can withstand vandalism. That means one with a solid casing to protect the camera system. You should also look for one that’s tamper-proof.

These camera features will stop criminals from trying to disable your surveillance before breaking into your property.

6. Motion Sensors

Motion detection in your security cameras will ensure your surveillance team is always responsive to potential threats or issues.

When the cameras detect movement within their range, they can alert the security team or other personnel. It means the team can focus on the problem immediately and monitor the cameras in real-time to detect any threats.

It’s also a cost-effective way to use your cameras. You won’t have to pay for teams to watch the screens 24/7. So your security team can spend their time on patrols instead and only use the cameras when there is an alarm. 

7. Remote Access for Emergencies

It’s more important than ever that technology can be accessed anywhere, anytime. That’s true for your cameras, too.

The best security cameras have removed access to feeds, allowing your team to survey them anywhere. It also allows your security team to change settings or review footage, even when they aren’t in your building.

That can help you manage an emergency like an overnight incident if you don’t have people on-site 24/7.

It’s also helpful for maintaining and updating your security systems, as it means you don’t have to schedule teams to be available on-site to make security changes.

8. System Integration Capabilities

You can get more from your security system when it’s well-integrated. Some security cameras can integrate with other parts of your system for a more holistic solution.

That might include your security alarms, fire prevention, or door access. That helps you respond quickly to incidents and prevent problems from occurring.

For example, if you identify an intruder on camera, you can activate door and gate locks across your premises. Or if you spot a fire, you can automatically notify the emergency services.

9. Cybersecurity Features

Nowadays, security extends beyond the physical. You need to protect data and systems. If you connect your security camera technology to your network, you must protect it from hackers.

Otherwise, that could compromise your entire security setup. You need a camera with superior data encryption for data transfer and storage to protect you against cyber attacks.

The most secure cameras also offer two-factor authentication and require regular updates to the system to protect against evolving threats.

Securing your digital and physical environments will give your business the most robust protection in the modern world.

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial security camera systems are one of your most fundamental assets when protecting your business against threats.

Investing in the best types of security cameras will give you enhanced surveillance and save you time and money in the long run.

Our team at Briggs A/V Solutions has the experience and know-how to set up superior security for commercial businesses. To find out more about how we could help you, get in contact with us.