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Security System Installation

Security System Installation

What we do goes far beyond simply mounting a security camera to a wall. We provide custom security system installation solutions that will ensure you feel safe and secure. Briggs A/V Solutions will inspect your home from a detailed and holistic point of view, pinpointing optimal views throughout your property and hand-selecting the best devices for your needs. We are ready to speak to you about any of your concerns.

We’ll then design and install a home security system installation that targets the areas where your home may be vulnerable to intruders, as well as give you easy access to view what’s happening whether you’re at home or viewing the cameras remotely. Protect your family and your property by speaking with a member of our team today.

Keep your premises well-protected with professional security system installation and wiring from Briggs A/V Solutions. We offer an array of security camera installation and wiring options that can be customized to meet your specifications and requirements.

Home Security System Installation

Want a new home security system installation or modify an existing one? Let Briggs A/V Solutions help. We’ll provide you with a highly dependable video security solution using best-in-class products and technology, and we’ll tailor it to meet your safety needs.

Services include:

  • IP cameras

  • Command rooms

  • Alarm monitoring

  • Remote camera access

  • Advanced intrusion detection technology

  • 360-degree security visuals

security camera

Easy-to-Use Interface

Access surveillance videos from your smartphone, tablet, or other device, whether you’re at home or on the go! Set up custom security system installation alerts to learn when you’re receiving a package or delivery, monitor a designated perimeter around your home, and even control your whole system through a centralized command room – all by accessing an easy-to-use app on your phone.

Best Equipment on the Market

We offer products that can provide you with both interior and exterior surveillance throughout your property. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or wanting to ensure that your children are safe while they’re at home, our security system installation solutions will allow you to monitor your property from simple apps like RING or more advanced systems like Exacq Vison and many more.

Seamless Integration

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when installing a security system installation system is: Will it actually work when it matters most? Rest assured that our security camera technology will be reliable 24/7, regardless of the weather or any other circumstances. And best of all, it will be fully integrated and simple to use. Briggs A/V Solutions has in-depth knowledge of the most advanced security camera products available on the market today, so we’ll ensure your system is truly reliable.

Range of A/V Systems


From fixed cameras to motorized PTZ devices, security technology is rapidly advancing. We are prepared to help you identify the right cameras for your needs, whether you want a traditional set-up configured with Hikvision or Ring cameras or require a command center outfitted with ExacqVision or Axis. Regardless of the scale, your security system installation can be easily accessed on your smartphone whether you’re at home or on the go.

Command Centers

For larger properties, you may need a more advanced security system installation that networks all of your cameras into a centralized command center or security room. We can install a video wall that is integrated with your cameras, allowing you to view a live stream of your property or to playback previously recorded footage. And the best part is, you’ll also be able to access this system remotely on your phone or laptop, allowing for ultimate peace of mind.

Monitored Security Systems

Don’t want to have to monitor your security system installation on your own? No problem. Briggs A/V Solutions partners with security monitoring companies to ensure your property is protected 24/7. Whether you want to get an alert when someone enters your home or be notified when a delivery is being made, all of your cameras will be fully automated, integrated together, and monitored by professionals.

Quality Home Security Cameras

When it comes to a security system installation, the quality of the cameras and technology must be reliable 24/7, regardless of the weather, internet outages, or other circumstances. Briggs A/V Solutions’ team in Nashville, TN has in-depth knowledge of the most advanced security camera products available, so we can make sure your property is truly protected.

Interior & Exterior Security System Installation

Briggs A/V Solutions provides a comprehensive range of home security system installation options for both interiors and exteriors to customers in the Nashville, TN area. So, whether no one will be home all day or you’re on vacation, you’ll be well covered with a video security solution from us.

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