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Conference Room AV Solutions

Expert setups to meet your business needs.

Present a professional image by setting up your conference room AV system or meeting space equipment with the latest networking technology. We can mount speakers in the walls, install wireless microphones in the ceiling, design a custom projector or television setup, and ensure that every part of the system is controlled from a single device, such as a touchscreen mounted in the wall.

Briggs A/V Solutions offers free design consultations to ensure we fully capture your vision for a conference room AV system or remote work setup. Experience seamless networking solutions whether you’re meeting with clients virtually or hosting in-person presentations enhanced by the latest conference technologies.

Our conference room AV solutions will give you the flexibility to collaborate both remotely and in-person. Enhance your space with wireless microphones, intelligent camera systems, a touchpad control system, and other products that will allow you to bridge communication barriers and seamlessly generate innovative ideas.

Conference Room AV

Connect with clients across the world by outfitting your business with the latest conference room AV technology. Allow Briggs A/V Solutions to create a professional space in which your employees can host expert presentations and produce the best work possible.

Services include:

  • High-resolution projectors and TVs

  • Wireless microphones

  • Networking solutions with Zoom, Skype, and more

  • Conference technology to facilitate remote work and expert presentations

  • Lighting control and automated window shades

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Easy-to-Use Interface

Whether you want to connect your personal laptop to a projector, access a designated conference room AV monitor, or remotely project information onto a screen from your smartphone or tablet, Briggs A/V can create a versatile and easy-to-use conference setup. Control your networking technology from a central device, such as a touchscreen mounted in the wall or conference table.

Best Equipment on the Market

Host Zoom meetings and presentations with ease by outfitting your conference room AV with products from QSYS, ClearOne, and other top technology partners. We’ll ensure your work goes smoothly by selecting the best equipment, from structured wiring to microphones, computers, tablets, lighting control, WiFi connectivity, and more.

Seamless Integration

We know that business innovations sometimes require a great deal of behind-the-scenes technology as you connect with clients across the country, adapt to changing market demands, and communicate your results to stakeholders. To ensure your system doesn’t slow you down, we’ll design a seamlessly integrated network so that you can control all of your conference room AV technology from one device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Range of Conference Room AV Solutions

Control System Technology

With a perfect conference room AV system, you should be able to walk into the room and press one button to start the system. The touchscreen’s central button would be programmed to automatically lower the projector screen, turn on the projector, lower the shades, and switch on all the necessary equipment, such as microphones or audio control. This system ensures meetings will go smoothly, and it eliminates the need for employee training. We prefer to control these rooms with QSYS or RTI, depending on your needs. For more complex systems, we can give IT staff access to certain features so that they can make adjustments if needed.

Lighting Control and Window Shades

Set the mood for presentations and networking sessions by installing your conference room AV system with motorized window shades and custom lighting. We can create preset “scenes” so that the lights dim, shades lower, and screen illuminates when you enter presentation mode. We can also set the lights to automatically mimic the light outside, reducing glare and harsh overhead lighting. Your workplace will present a professional image with optimal visuals.

Wireless Mics and Speakers

Conference mics and speakers can be simple or extreme. Whether you want a basic table mic and HDMI cable or multiple mics hidden in the drop ceiling, we can design a system that meets your conference room AV needs and specifications. We also offer custom sound bars that can be mounted under the TV in order to keep your room looking classy and professional. The room would have no wires or visible hardware showing. With our in-ceiling mics and speakers, you can also talk at a normal volume, and the mics will pick up the sound. Briggs A/V Solutions can build a conference room to meet your business needs.

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