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Smart Home Installation

What is Smart Home Installation?

You may have heard about “smart homes” or home automation but aren’t exactly sure why these terms are making the news and growing in popularity. The answer is simple: a fully automated smart home installation will make your life easier and safer, and it’s now more affordable than ever.

If you want to streamline daily tasks throughout your property, explore our home automation services. We can make life more convenient by creating custom solutions for your sound systems, lights, televisions, thermostats, and more – and the best part is, everything can be controlled from one device. Dim the lights, turn on the TV, and close your motorized window shades by simply accessing an app on your phone.

Whether you need a Zoom setup for your smart home installation, speakers to create a whole home audio experience, or a way to monitor your energy usage, we can design a system that will simplify and streamline the way you live. Getting started is easy – just tell us a bit about your needs and we’ll custom design a system suited to your home.

Smart Home Installation

Smart home installation is bringing about a revolution in the way we live. Modern technology allows connectivity with devices throughout your home. Now you can control everything in your home from one device, whether it’s your phone or a custom-designed iPad, tablet, or remote.

Services include:

  • Whole-home audio

  • Smart home technology

  • Energy management

  • Security systems

  • Lighting control

  • Television and sound systems

home audio system

Easy-to-Use Interface

Briggs A/V Solutions can integrate your electrical outlets, lighting, security cameras, HVAC units, security cameras, and more, so that they are all connected as a smart home installation system. Control them from a device such as a smartphone or iPad while at home or even on the go, saving you time and money. Control your A/C while you’re not at home, open your garage door to accept a delivery remotely, or play Spotify on your surround sound speakers while relaxing on the couch!

Best Equipment on the Market

As smart home installation is a rapidly evolving field, it’s important to hire a company that keeps up with the latest developments. Briggs A/V Solutions is partnered with the best companies, products, and systems coming onto the market, so you can expect our home automation services to be highly dependable and top-of-the-line for years to come. From Savant, RTI, Lutron and more, we are prepared to offer the best equipment available.

Seamless Integration

You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple apps, remotes, or programs – everything will be managed under one smart home installation system that you can access from anywhere. Automatically lock your doors at a specific time every night for peace of mind. Create a custom lighting scene so that the lights dim when you’re ready to watch a movie. Set your thermostat to different temperatures throughout the day, saving energy when you’re not home. Experience the ease and convenience of seamless technology integration.

Range of Smart Home Installation

Lighting Control

With our smart home installation systems, you can control every light or outlet in your home at the circuit level. In the breaker panel, we’ll install equipment that can be controlled from a centralized app and strategically placed keypads throughout your property. By doing so, you’re no longer limited to a fixed lighting plan that requires you to flip multiple switches in each space. Want to turn off the bathroom light you forgot about before crawling into bed? Simply reach for your phone.

Audio/Video Control

Whether you want to manage multiple streaming services on one TV or network together an entire house full of audio and video equipment, Briggs A/V Solutions can design a smart home installation that is simple and reliable. We will create a custom Savant dashboard that you can access from your smartphone or other device, which will allow you to control every element of your home, from music to movies, television, and more.

Energy Management

Install motorized shades that will provide you with privacy and increased energy management while also improving sound quality and lighting control while watching movies. Set your thermostats to specific temperatures throughout the day, saving you money while you’re away at work or on vacation. Control each outlet to monitor energy usage at the circuit level. Integrate battery technology and generators. Our smart home installation systems will allow you to control each element of your home from a central device.

Smart Home Installation Connectivity

Briggs A/V Solutions’ team in Nashville, TN can consolidate your lighting, security cameras, HVAC, security cameras, and more, so they are all connected as a unified smart home installation system that you can control remotely from a single device. Access your entire system from a smartphone or iPad while at home or even on the go, saving you time.

Advanced Technology

Home automation is a rapidly developing technology field, and Briggs A/V Solutions’ experts stay up to date on all of the new products and smart home installation systems coming on to the market. You can expect our home automation services to be highly dependable and top-of-the-line. Additionally, we believe that green technology is the future of home automation, and it is the most advanced technology we offer for residential projects. If you want to learn more about energy efficiency, home generators, geothermal HVAC systems, solar panels, and more, feel free to reach out to Briggs A/V Solutions.

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