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Whole Home Audio Installation

Benefits of Whole Home Audio Installation

If you’ve read up on whole home audio installation, you probably found some articles that made it sound like a straightforward DIY job. However, if you’re going to make the effort to install audio throughout your home and you want to do it right, then the truth is this job is best left to audio experts.

We won’t simply hang speakers on the walls or mount a soundbar to your mantel – after discussing your vision, we’ll design a custom whole home audio installation that is perfectly suited to your space. From selecting the best speaker locations to running the wires, and hiding the speakers in the ceilings and/or walls, we’ll ensure you get the best sound throughout your entire home.

Does being able to control and play music anywhere in your home or yard appeal to you? Do you want to be able to remotely control your sound system from anywhere in your home, or even from your pool or outdoor party area? Would you like to integrate a state-of-the art sound system with your flat-screen TV or home theater? Give us a call and we’ll create a seamless whole home audio installation for you to enjoy for years to come.

Whole Home Audio Installation

Play music in every room of your home and even distribute tunes to your backyard, all with the touch of a button. Stream your favorite songs from Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, iTunes, and other platforms through a distributed audio system. Whether you want to hide your speakers in the walls or ceilings or showcase architectural speakers in a designated listening space, Briggs A/V Solutions is prepared to design a whole home audio installation that is fully automated and customized to your lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Stereo systems and speaker integration

  • Single zone audio systems or complex multi-zone units

  • Whole-home music systems

  • Spaces engineered for the best sound quality

  • Personalized music dashboards for audiophiles

  • Outdoor and pool audio

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Easy-to-Use Interface

By using programs such as Savant, your smartphone will allow you to control your entire whole home audio installation. Simply download the app and use it to play music, adjust your television volume, distribute sound to multiple sources throughout your home, and more. We can also mount a tablet in the wall of common areas, giving you a smart home set up that still allows for maximum control and flexibility.

Best Equipment on the Market

JBL. Sonos. Sony. MartinLogan. Sonance. If you’ve decided on whole home audio installation, you’re undoubtedly a music lover who is already familiar with some of these top-of-the-line brands. Briggs A/V Solutions is equipped to install these high-quality products throughout your home, from the cables to the speakers, so that you’ll get incredible sound from a system that is designed to last. And if you’re new to these products, we can train you to use them so that you’re listening to professional-grade audio in no time!

Seamless Integration

Our technicians will help you achieve optimal sound throughout your home by installing a variety of speakers, surround sound devices, amplifiers, and more. Whether you want ambient music playing through strategically placed speakers in each room or a dedicated listening space outfitted with audiophile gear, we can create a seamless whole home audio installation experience.

Range of A/V Systems

Landscape and Outdoor Audio

Briggs A/V Solutions can design a seamless outdoor oasis, allowing you to play music while swimming in the pool or relaxing on the patio. Play the big game on an anti-glare outdoor television and control your waterproof speakers from your smartphone. We also design whole home audio installation for venues such as party barns, so that you can bring technology into your outdoor or flex spaces.

Custom Speaker Options

From in-wall speakers to architectural speakers or equipment mounted in the walls, we’ll ensure your whole home audio installation is equipped for the best sound from your televisions, stereos, and more. We’ve partnered with brands like Sonance, Stealth Acoustics, Leon and Savant to bring you high-quality speakers, custom fit soundbars, and other products that will fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.

Whole Home Audio Installation Control Systems

We can design a whole home audio installation suited to your lifestyle and audio tastes. Whether you prefer to use old-school analog volume knobs that are installed in your wall or a fully streamlined app on your phone, we’re prepared to design a system using the latest technology from Savant, Sonos, and other sought after brands.

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