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Home Theater Installation

Immerse Yourself in the Home Theater Installation Experience

There are many quality TVs on the market today, but if you and your family truly appreciate video and sound that go way beyond what you can buy at a local store, Briggs A/V Solutions can design a home theater installation just for you. Experience a new way of listening to music, watching the latest movies, and binging on your favorite TV series.

During your free consultation, our team will visit your home to assess the space and discuss potential configurations for your new or existing home theater installation. We can provide expert recommendations based on the room’s size, shape, height, depth, angles, and lighting. Whether you need a projector, television, speakers, sound dampening panels, or more, we can design a holistic viewing experience that will change the way you interact with media.

Each home theater is different, whether it’s in a converted living room or a designated room with raised seating configurations. Regardless of the space, Briggs A/V Solutions is equipped to assess your needs and provide expert recommendations throughout the design process, from structured cabling to equipment selection and home theater installation. We can also work with builders and interior designers to ensure you have a turn-key system.

Custom Home Theater Installation

Once you have a home theater installation by Briggs A/V Solutions, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it a long time ago! The difference a high-quality, custom home cinema can make when watching videos and listening to audio is an entirely different experience than what you’d get from just placing a speaker and television in a room.

Services include:

  • High-quality TVs and projectors

  • JBL Synthesis Audio Systems

  • Acoustic treatments and sound dampening

  • Seating and lighting design

  • Speakers and surround sound systems

  • Single and multi-zone audio

  • Surge protection

home speaker

Easy-to-Use Interface

Control your home theater installation with ease by consolidating all of your systems into one device. Whether you want to adjust the speakers, television or projector settings, lights, or motorized window shades, we can create a custom system that is conveniently controlled with the touch of a button. Simply use your specially programmed remote, tablet, or even your smartphone, and experience a cinema-quality home theater.

Best Equipment on the Market

Whether you’re updating existing equipment or designing a media room or home theater installation from scratch, we’ve partnered with the best brands to bring you a superior viewing experience. We work with partners ranging from Sony to JBL, Pro Audio Technologies, JVC, Barco, Dolby Atmos Systems, and more.

Seamless Integration

We will design your home theater installation from the ground up, ensuring you have total control when we hand you the universal remote or one-touch device. From speaker calibration to lighting control, component racks, structured wiring, projectors, and speakers fit for an audiophile, you’ll enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Range of Home Theater Installation Systems

Video Technology

First, we’ll help you select the best home theater installation for your space. We will determine your specific needs by testing the throw distance of the projector and the size of your room. From there, we’ll design a video system that matches your room’s brightness, configuration, and budget. To ensure you’re getting exactly what you want, we would simulate the set-up by taping off an area that is the size of your future TV or projector, so that you can see the potential design and live with it for a day or two.

Surround Sound and Acoustic Treatments

A home theater installation isn’t only about the screen – you also need excellent sound quality that will immerse you in your favorite films, TV shows, and music. We can showcase architectural speakers or hide low-profile speakers behind the screen and in the ceilings and walls, ensuring your surround sound system fits your needs, tastes, and specifications. We can also install acoustic treatments such as sound-dampening panels and custom carpeting to make it feel like you’re in your own personal movie theater.

Home Theater Installation Lighting Control

With our custom home theater installation systems, you can control every light in your home theater with the touch of a single button. You’ll no longer be limited to a fixed lighting plan that requires you to walk around flipping multiple switches. Whether you want ambient lighting or a total blackout, we can create custom lighting scenes that will improve your media viewing experience.

Custom Home Theaters

We offer a wide range of home theater installation options and are sure to have one that’s just right for you and your budget. Our technology experts serve Nashville, TN and the surrounding area, and they can handle everything from installing a few components all the way up to building a new custom home cinema where we can incorporate elements such as new walls, new ceilings, seating, lighting and more!

Quality Products Are Key

A home theater installation is only as good as the team that designs and installs it and the quality of the sound and video products built into it. Briggs A/V Solutions only works with best-in-class speakers, televisions, and other products from brands like JBL. We’ll help you choose all the components that will work best for your home.

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