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Structured Cabling Installation

Certified Structured Cabling Installation

Our certified technicians are experts in commercial wiring and structured cabling installation. We offer fiber optic backbone wiring, low voltage pre-wiring, Cat 6/5 horizontal and vertical wiring, and more. We’re prepared to help you update or optimize an existing system, or we can work with you on new construction projects from low-voltage design to rough-in.

When building or remodeling your restaurant, conference room, professional gym, or other business location, the most valuable decision you can make is to invest in s
tructured cabling installation. By providing ample low voltage wiring throughout the building, you will save yourself time and money when you later want to outfit the space with lights, speakers, televisions, computers, cameras, and more.

With our networking solutions, we can ensure your data is transmitted safely and securely through fiber optic wiring and structured cabling installation. Whether you want a full server room or a retro-fit solution, we can engineer a data, voice, fiber optic, or other network that will be reliable and secure.

Structured Cabling Installation

Structured cabling installation is the backbone of any communications, electrical, and audio visual system. It is the network’s foundation, allowing the technology to operate properly and communicate effectively. It also adds resale value to your space as future tenants can tap into the wiring to set up any device, from televisions to sound systems and computers.

Services include:

  • Cat 5/6 vertical and horizontal wiring

  • Fiber optic backbone wiring

  • Office space build-outs

  • Commercial wiring for restaurants, gyms, and other venues

  • Low voltage pre-wiring

Experienced Structured Cabling Installation

Briggs A/V Solutions is a licensed, certified, and insured company that’s been operating since 2007. Designing and implementing structured cabling installation is a job for professionals – let us handle your next project to simplify your life.

Reliable Workmanship

You can count on Briggs A/V Solutions to deliver the best workmanship in the Nashville, TN area. We hold ourselves to high standards because we know that if your structured cabling installation isn’t set up right or it fails, that will impact your business or your daily routine. Hire us for your project and we promise we’ll get it done correctly the first time.

Structured Cabling Installation Options

Network Cabling

We’re excited to wire your next office or commercial building, just as we’ve done for dozens of local businesses throughout Nashville, TN. We will use the proper Cat 6 wiring to connect all of your devices and can design the layout, execute the installation, and terminate the patch panels.

Fiber Optic Cabling

In an ideal project, fiber optic cabling is the best option because it can carry many different networks over long distances with unmatched speeds. We can design the proper pathways for long distance runs and also terminate the fiber, ensuring your data is transmitted quickly and securely. We can even install fiber that reaches out into parking lots, providing access and power to security cameras and other devices. Fiber optic cabling is the backbone to a reliable system.

Server Rooms and Equipment Racks

Server rooms or equipment racks house all of your commercial building’s IT/AV needs. To ensure you have an efficiently designed room, we would label every wire, program each component, and make sure the system is easy to update and maintain. This is one part of the job that the techs really enjoy, and we always take great pride in the finished product!

Let’s make something great together.

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