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Audio Visual Systems Installation

Audio Visual Systems Installation that works for you.

Properly designed and integrated audio visual systems installation should be reliable and easy-to-use, whether you’re a technology expert, business owner, or employee. We will network all of your systems together so that they will be controllable from a single device, regardless of the scale of the building.

Your audio visual systems installation will be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to access your business’s audio, video walls, televisions, security cameras, and more from one central hub. We also offer basic training sessions so that your employees can easily operate this intuitive system.

Offices need ambient music to ensure customers and employees are stimulated and comfortable. Bars and restaurants need to be able to stream the big game. Professional gyms need to pump energizing tunes that will motivate their clients. Regardless of your business, we can create a space that is inviting and exciting by designing a custom audio visual systems installation.

Audio Visual Systems Installation

A top-notch audio visual system installation is the backbone of any business. Let us build a custom video wall for your office, hang speakers to play tunes in your bar, install a range of televisions so you can stream ten different games at once, or outfit your DJ booth with the latest music technology.

Services include:

  • Professional video walls

  • TV and projector installation

  • Speakers and sound integration

  • Sports bar packages

  • Conference room A/V

  • Security cameras and surveillance video

commercial audio system bar

Easy-to-Use A/V Control Systems

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation with dozens of employees, our easy-to-use audio visual systems installation can be scaled to meet your audio visual system installation needs. All of your business’s A/V devices will be integrated together, from televisions to security cameras, speakers, and more. They will all be controlled from a single device, such as a remote or tablet, so that employees can change the TV channel, play a new song, or adjust the sound.

Seamless Integration

With our control system dashboards, you will have a seamlessly integrated audio visual system installation that is reliable and intuitive. Control all of your business’s audio/video equipment from one device, grant access to employees, and ensure everything is operating smoothly with the touch of a button.

Range of Audio Visual Systems

Video Walls

We can help your business stream the latest sporting event, music video, concert, or other media to a state-of-the-art video wall. Whether you want integrated commercial panels or a series of networked televisions, Briggs A/V Solutions can create a video wall using small bezel LCD panels or we can use LED technology that has no bezel. LED technology is used for the customers that need the absolute best picture and performance. We’ve installed video walls in conference rooms, restaurants, and other businesses throughout Nashville, TN – see our gallery for recent examples of our audio visual system installation!

Video and Audio Distribution

Video and audio distribution can easily be sent over an IT network. This is the best and easiest way to route all of your building’s audio visual system installation capabilities. With an A/V-over-IP system, you use less hardware and also have a centrally managed system. We can train IT staff on how to access certain features and make changes on their own as needed. This is our top service in today’s A/V market.

A/V Control Systems

Audio visual system installation jobs are complex and require lots of different systems to function. By adding a control system to this equipment, we can build an easy-to-use interface for the end user to navigate. Our favorite control systems are offered through QSYS and RTI for commercial projects. With a complex QSYS system, we can grant access to programming features so that IT staff can make changes as needed. RTI is a simpler option that is great for sports bars, conference rooms, and more. We will work to ensure the user interface matches your vision. It can showcase your company’s logo and floor plan or be a simple two button on/off design.

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