We live in unstable times, and the threat of crime looms around the corner for every business and homeowner. For those especially concerned, upping security measures sounds like a strong choice.  

Guns can be dangerous, and introduce a level of violence to the home/workplace that not everyone is comfortable with. But have you considered making use of a security camera installation for the purposes of increased security? 

Below, we’ll walk you through a few of the pros and cons of security cameras. 

Pro: You’ll Catch Burglars

Over 3,000 burglarys happen every day in the United States. For businesses, this can mean a serious loss in revenue and a threat to the business. For homeowners and families, this can be a serious threat to safety. 

No one wants a crime committed against them to go unpunished. If you can record the act happening, you’ll have a better chance of tracking down the criminal, getting justice, and getting your costs recouped. 

Con: The Cost

Security camera installation will cost you money for sure. Technological equipment is not cheap, and if you choose to hire a business to install it for you, you’ll also have to pay for the labor to have the camera installed. 

However, as you read above, burglaries are extremely common, and being able to recoup your costs makes your security camera worth it. As you’ll read below, there are other advantages when it comes to crime and prevention. 

Just know that at the end of the day, security cameras pay for themselves. 

Pro: They Prevent Crime

If you’re concerned about the cost, you might find yourself following this line of reasoning: 

  • Someone might break in either way
  • The break-in might cause damage that has to be fixed either way 
  • The criminal may or may not be caught whether you have the camera or not
  • The criminal may or may not have to pay for the damage
  • The damage may take a while to be fixed either way no matter who’s paying for it
  • If you run a business, and there’s a news story about this, people might not want to come to your business either way
  • Therefore, there’s no reason to spend the extra money on installing a camera 

This mode of logic immediately becomes exposed as flawed once you realize the following statistic. 83 percent of people attempting burglary check if there’s a security system before they attempt a break-in. 

Criminals often come before they commit their crime to case a business. This means they check out the business to see if it’s worth robbing. Often, criminals have several options, and will choose the business that’s easiest to take on. 

The same is true for houses. Criminals probably have ways of testing your security measures to see if you’re the right target to break into. 

If you have visible security measures, you can save yourself the trouble of getting broken into the first place. Many businesses have security cameras, so the ones that don’t will stick out like sore thumbs. Most houses don’t have security cameras, so by installing one, you’re basically innovating yourself against crime.

You’re right if you think break-ins will affect you whether you catch the criminal or not. But this isn’t just a matter of justice or revenge — security cameras keep you safe by acting as an intruder deterrent. 

Con: Inconvenience 

It might seem like a big project to install security cameras in your home. It also takes a while to research the right equipment, figure out how to install it, and figure out the best spots for the equipment. 

You can circumvent these problems by finding a company that can do this work for you. But then — how do you choose the right company for the job? This can be just as stressful as a decision. 

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Briggs AV Solutions provide a quick, easy, competent home security installation process. Installation is easy, and the most cutting-edge technology possible is always used to keep you safe.

Pro: Employee Theft

You might think that your business is safe against intruders — but is it safe against your own employees? 

A security guard may be able to police people coming in and out of your business. You might have systems in place to make sure nothing leaves your business. However, security won’t be able to catch the crimes happening right inside of the store by the people they trust. 

An eye in the sky can catch your employees when they try to steal from you. They can also operate by the law of prevention, discouraging your employees from even trying. 

Even if your employees are trustworthy, this is a good measure to make sure they’re kept honest.

Con: Integration 

Security camera installation isn’t the same as getting a new front door. It’s a whole new system of technology that you’re going to have to get used to using. 

If you run a business, this might seem daunting. Running a business and keeping it afloat is difficult enough. You might just not have time to learn how to operate the new technology. 

However, Briggs AV Solutions promises that the equipment is easy to use as possible. Accessibility is key when it comes to security — if you don’t know how to run your technology, it’s as good as useless. 

Security Camera Installation is Worth It

At the end of the day, security camera installation is worth it. Though it might inconvenience you momentarily, your safety is priceless. It will ultimately save you more money, time, stress, and peace of mind. 

You can also minimize the downsides of security camera installation by having your camera installed by reputable professionals. 

For more information on security camera installation, contact us today.