At the global level, people and businesses are already investing more than $271 billion every year in professional AV systems. Experts estimate that the demand for AV systems around the world will go up by about 5% each year until 2028 at least. In 2028, the market for professional AV systems will be worth more than $345 billion! 

One reason this market is growing so much is that modern AV systems continue to evolve and provide better experiences. However, more people are also struggling with audio visual system installation problems as this market grows larger.

In some cases, installation issues just mean that you will experience more stress during the installation process. In other cases, problems with installing your system can keep you from getting all of the value from it that it can provide. So what are some common audio visual systems installation issues, and what can you do about them?

Read on to learn all about the top troubleshooting tips for installing your AV system!

Reduce Your AV System Background Noise

As you are progressing through your installation process, you might discover that your AV system is generating a lot of background noise.

One of the most common ways that people use their AV systems is to enjoy calls or meetings with other people around the world. If your AV system microphones are sensitive to nearby sounds, it can be difficult to enjoy your calls. The good news is that you may be able to solve this problem by adjusting your audio processing settings.

These days, AV system software often has the ability to identify distracting sounds and eliminate them. Look under your AV system microphone and other audio settings. There is a good chance that you will see an option to use noise suppression features.

In other cases, you might be able to manage background noise by turning down your microphone sensitivity.

If neither of these solutions works, you might need to adjust your microphone placement. The farther it is from distracting sounds, the easier it will be for it to eliminate background noises.

Eliminate Audio Visual Equipment Feedback

In other cases, you might find that your newly installed AV system generates an echo or other annoying feedback sounds. If you are on a call and the other person is speaking, it is possible for their voice to come out of your speakers, reach your microphone, and then feed back to the speaker.

Sometimes, you might also hear your own voice speaking a fraction of a second after you talk.

Sometimes, you can solve this problem by adjusting your audio settings. If your microphone setting is too sensitive, it will be more likely to pick up and transmit unwanted sounds. If your system has built-in speakers, you may find that they are more reliable than external devices when it comes to avoiding echoes and feedback.

On the other hand, you can also ask the other people on your call to mute when they are not speaking. Asking them to use headphones can also solve these kinds of feedback problems.

Resolve Poor Connectivity Issues

Once your AV system is up and running, you might discover that the video or audio freezes a lot. In some cases, this will be a problem with your internet rather than with your AV system itself.

Consider using an internet speed test to check if your internet is stable and has enough bandwidth. You might also be able to solve this problem by using an ethernet connection for your AV system rather than relying on Wi-Fi.

There is a good chance that your AV system will default to using a 2.4 GHz band connection to your internet. Consider switching over to a 5 GHz connection instead to see if it solves your connection problems.

Another thing you might want to check is if your firewall might be causing poor AV system video quality. You might try updating your firewall and any other security software tools you use. If this does not work, you may need help from professional AV system installation services to resolve this problem.

Improve Your AV System Image Quality

Sometimes, a problem that seems to come from your AV system might come from your room lighting instead. Once you install your system, you may discover that the video quality is poor. However, solving this problem can sometimes be as simple as making sure that you have quality light illuminating whatever is on the camera.

Align Your Home Theater Sound and Picture

Another common AV system installation problem is that your sound and picture are not aligned. If there is a lag between your picture and sound, go to your system settings and look for an audio delay option. These options allow you to adjust how fast your system processes your sound or picture.

You might find that adjusting your audio delay setting up or down allows you to align your picture and sound.

Manage Your Surround Sound Speakers

Many people are excited about surround sound when they set up a new AV system. If your surround sound speakers aren’t providing the results you expected, you might need to turn them up.

Some surround sound effects are subtle, requiring a higher volume setting to be noticeable. In other cases, you might want to unplug all of your speaker connections and plug them back in.

Be Ready for Audio Visual Systems Installation Issues

We hope that learning about how to resolve common audio visual systems installation issues has been helpful. Many people get excited about their new AV system only to experience a lot of frustration during the installation process. In some cases, it is easier to get the most out of your AV system by relying on professional installation services.

To learn more about how you can enjoy the best AV and security camera systems installation help, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!