According to a report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electrical residential lighting consumption reached 67 billion kilowatt-hours in 2022. Homeowners rely heavily on indoor lighting to control the functionality and aesthetic of their homes. 

With the right residential lighting, you can customize the amount of light in each room. You can also use different types of lights to achieve the best lighting configurations. Installing a lighting control system is ideal for comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of installing a light control panel in your home, keep reading for 8 great reasons below.

1. Offers Lighting Convenience 

With a light control panel, you can access all of your home’s lighting from a central control. This makes it easier to turn lights off in your home without the need to physically go from room to room. If you’re downstairs and realize you left a light on upstairs, you can turn it off with minimal effort.

Some light controls are even compatible with smartphones, so you’ll have the added convenience of being able to control your residential lighting from a synced mobile app. You may even be able to use voice control through devices like Alexa to further control your lighting system. 

2. Provides Lighting Customization Options

Custom lights can greatly impact the feel of your home. A light control panel lets you be in charge of your home’s lighting in fun and innovative ways. That’s why smart lighting through a lighting control system is a well-suited addition to your smart home technology arsenal.

You can save your custom lighting scenes like “Movie Night” or “Wind Down Mode” to easily access them later on when you need them. Smart lighting also allows you to change the colors of your lights to set the mood in every room in your home effortlessly. 

3. Saves on Energy Costs

Electricity use relating to lighting accounts for around 11.9% of total electricity usage overall. A centralized light control panel can save you money on your home’s lighting expenses. Being able to turn off forgotten lights when not in use with an easy-to-use lighting control system helps you save on your electricity bills. 

You can also incorporate dimmer switches to save even more money on energy costs. A dimmer switch setup can save you up to 40% off of your electricity costs. Dimmers, when used in conjunction with a light control panel, can also prolong the longevity of your existing bulbs so you won’t need to replace them as often.  

4. Maximizes Lighting Accessibility 

A light control panel can greatly help you simplify your lighting setup. A lighting control system offers you a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. By using custom lighting systems, you can adapt your residential lighting needs to be more accessible as well.

For individuals with disabilities and other impairments, they can control the lights inside of their homes via an integrated voice command system, remote, or a connected app. This saves them the trouble of having to do it manually.

Automation is also an option for creating a smart home environment tailored to an individual’s specific lighting needs. 

5. Extends Bulb Longevity

Everyone has different preferences for the amount of light they want in each room of their house. Chances are a majority of homeowners, when given the option, would likely prefer to not have their bulbs on at maximum brightness at all times. A lighting control system lets you control your home’s lighting needs to your precise comfort level. 

Because you’re not using all of your lights at their maximum brightness all the time, this can save you from wear and tear to your bulbs. Dimming your bulbs with a light control panel, even periodically, can help to extend their lifespan. 

6. Improves Your Home’s Aesthetics

Aside from being confusing as to which switch goes to which light, wall switches can look cluttered in certain areas of your home. For homeowners trying to achieve a sleek and modernized appeal of their home, getting rid of excess wall switches is key.

A light control panel makes it simple to consolidate these switches into a single panel for a streamlined and minimalist design. You can customize your light control panel with various finishes, colors, and styles to further complement your home’s unique styling. 

Using custom lights and lighting scenes also allows you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential lighting. 

7. Allows for Expanded Security Options

Strategic lighting can also be used as part of a larger security system setup. A light control panel can help you set lights on an automatic timer at certain times of the day to give the appearance that someone is home. On the other hand, a lighting control system can also alert you when a light is unexpectedly turned on. 

Residential lighting, when working in tandem with security cameras, can trigger indoor and outdoor lights to turn on whenever movement is detected. This can help deter would-be intruders and wildlife that may be lurking within the perimeters of your home. 

8. Increases Your Home’s Value

Your home is your castle, but if the time ever comes when you need to sell your home, it is important to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money. Adding modern upgrades like a light control panel can help increase your home’s value.

With the improved aesthetics, security, and convenience that come with a lighting control system, your home will stand out on the market. Potential homebuyers will like the idea of having an integrated lighting system built in. This can not only help your home sell faster, but it can also get you more money over your initial asking price. 

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