Having your internet go down can have catastrophic results for your business. Not only will you experience a decrease in productivity, but you will likely lose out on sales. The average cost of IT downtime amounts to around $427 per minute for small businesses. 

Unplanned downtime shouldn’t be ignored. Installing a structured cabling system is the best way to protect your business from losing internet. Improve your internet speed while ensuring you stay online at all times. 

This blog will discuss the top seven benefits of structured cabling installation for your business. We’ll talk about how to find a reputable IT support company in Nashville. 

1. Grow Your Business

Your cabling system needs to be able to grow as your organization does. Lackluster and low-performing cabling makes it hard to scale as needed. You can’t easily connect new devices or change out cables. 

One of the best things about a structured cabling system is that it’s designed to withstand a high amount of demand. Some of the activities it can support include:

  • High volume of calls
  • Video conferencing 
  • Large downloads

Structured cabling can support whatever you need without any disruptions. Transferring your current system if you need to upgrade to a larger building is easy, too. 

2. Save Money

Investing in a correctly installed and fully engineered system is a long-term investment for your business. The initial installation cost might be more expensive than smaller cabling systems.

However, you can easily adapt your system in the future for not a lot of money. There will be fewer replacement and maintenance costs with a structured cabling system since it includes newer hardware. 

Some of the inadvertent ways you can save money with this system include:

  • Rolling out new applications much faster
  • Make moves and changes more efficient

3. Reduce Downtime

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of network downtime can sometimes be steep. Your internet might go down for unexplained reasons, making it challenging to diagnose. It’s much easier to figure out what’s going on with your network when you have an upgraded system that’s filled with clearly labeled parts. 

Your organization’s productivity will go down since your workers have to wait until your internet and phones are back online to start working. Your business’s profits will take a hit since they don’t have the opportunity to connect with customers and close on sales. 

Your IT repair company can quickly diagnose and repair any problem that might arise much easier than if you had an outdated system. Your employees can get back to work at a much faster rate. 

4. Improve Speed and Performance

Have you recently invested in high-quality computers? Is your current internet supposed to be a fast speed? If both of those things are true and you’re still dealing with network connectivity issues, the problem might lie with your cabling. 

Poor cabling can result in connections intermittently dropping and performance bottlenecks. You’ll have full visibility into your IT infrastructure when you switch to a structured cabling system. Locate and eliminate common performance issues, such as:

  • Poor quality cords
  • Improper installation
  • Vendor incompatibilities 
  • Outdated cabling 

Another advantage of structured cabling is that it supplies more bandwidth than outdated options. Modern systems are made with fiber optic cables that have a higher capacity than older options. Feel confident that your internet will be reliable and fast when you switch to this type of system. 

5. Clean and Orderly Space

Have you ever gone into a business’s server room, only to get overwhelmed by the amount of cords strewn about the space? A neat and well-maintained space is something you’ll experience when you switch to structured cabling. 

Most pre-planned systems are intended to be out of sight. If they do have to be visible, they’ll be plugged into their respective machines. The cords will be neatly bundled and not a tripping hazard. 

Messy cabling systems are more than unpleasant to look at. They’re unsafe, increasing the likelihood of:

  • Falls and trips
  • Electrical shocks
  • Fires

Having a large and tangled mess can cause nearby cables to get stressed. Stress can result in channel and network errors that are hard to trace. A well-organized cabling system will keep everything on track. 

6. Customize Your Business’s Needs

No two small businesses in Nashville are the same. You can’t use a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to designing a suitable network that satisfies your needs. Even companies that are in your same industry with the exact number of employees you do will have different requirements. 

Some factors that can affect your structured cabling system include:

  • Budget
  • Floor plan and layout of your office
  • Plans for future expansions
  • Bandwidth requirements 
  • Outdoor and indoor cabling 

Partnering with an experienced structured cabling installation company is key. They’ll take the time to evaluate your current needs and setup. Their goal is to deliver an exceptional system that meets your requirements and budget. 

7. Invest in Your Future 

Investing in a structured cabling system goes beyond preparing for your own business to grow. It takes into account how society, consumers, and other companies will continue to change in the coming years. 

Staying competitive in today’s digital landscape is important. Installing a structured cabling system puts you ahead of the rest. Businesses will need agile and high-speed networks to stay up to speed in the future as digital innovations hit the market. 

Your business will be able to upgrade to new technologies easier with the system already in place. New programs and equipment might be challenging to connect with outdated cabling. Already having new and fast cables installed will set you up for success. 

Invest in a Structured Cabling System in Nashville

Your business will encounter numerous benefits when you invest in a structured cabling system. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save when you don’t experience extensive downtime with your internet. Keep your business running smoothly no matter what hurdles you encounter. 

Briggs AV Solution is the leading business technology partner in the area. We offer structured cabling options, security camera installations, and more. Contact our office to schedule a free IT consultation to discuss your needs.