Research shows that more than 40% of American homes have a home theatre in place. This shows how in demand this is, as many people enjoy relaxing by watching movies. If you are upgrading your home, one thing to consider is a home theatre system. This is the perfect option whether you live alone or have a family.

This is one of the many home upgrades that serve a functional purpose. It provides an entertaining space that is designated for enjoying movies and shows.

Keep reading to find out how to design your own home theater system.

Creating the Layout

With a home theater, you need to first create the layout. Home theater systems should be the center point of the room that you work around.

You will need to decide where all of the gear will be installed. Companies like Briggs AV Solutions can help you to understand where the system should be installed in the room.

The screen should be in the center of the room in the best location for visual clarity. From there, you can figure out where all the seating will go.

One great option is to make it look like an actual theater. You can do this by positioning the chairs to mimic how a theatre is laid out.

You could also give the room a makeover by painting it black or a dark color for better viewing. This is a great option since this room will be designated for your home theater.

Lighting Options

It is also a good idea to focus on the lighting in the room. This is something that you will most likely want to change to make it more comfortable for viewing your home theater.

One way to do this is to add lighting dimmers to the room. This will help to reduce the brightness to create more ambiance in the room.

You should also make sure you cover windows or add black-out curtains. The last thing you want is bright rays of light destroying your view of the screen.

It is also a good idea to change out the light bulbs if they are too bright. Warmer shades of light will be ideal for a home theater.

You could also add shades to different lighting options to act as natural dimmers.

Finding Furnishings

Modern home theaters are comfortable and perfect for lounging. Because of this, you want to find the best furniture to help embellish this space.

It should be comfortable and practical for how you will be using the room. Some popular options include couches and lounge chairs for a relaxed space.

The furnishings must be comfortable so that you enjoy being in that room. You may also want to include small tables or footrests for additional comfort.

Some people even add a bar cart where they can store drinks and snacks. This helps to give the room a real theater feeling that helps you to enjoy yourself.

Control the Sound

Sounds can easily destroy your home theater experience. When you invest in a home theater system, the last thing you want is for noise to drown out your movie.

You can add noise-blocking materials to the room to prevent this. This will keep unwanted noise from coming in and reduce the theater from being noisy for the rest of the home.

All kinds of soundproofing materials can be installed on the walls and roof. You could also make sure any openings and spaces are sealed off to prevent noise from coming in.

Benefits of a Home Theatre System

If you are having a home Theater system installed by Briggs AV Solutions, there are many benefits to consider. This may feel like a big investment but for many families, it is worth it.

When you are doing home upgrades, you may want to dedicate a room for this purpose. This is a great option for families as it provides indoor entertainment for everyone.

Relaxing Space

There’s no better way to relax in your home than with a home theater. You won’t have to leave your home and pay to go to an actual theater to view your favorite movies.

This helps you to save money and saves you a trip. Anyone can enjoy the home theater at any time of the day or go in there just to relax.

Fewer Distractions

You may already have a kind of home theater set up in your living room. This is very common for most families, but it can be distracting.

This is not a designated space, so it isn’t going to have that theater feel. Some of your family may want to enjoy a movie while the rest of you are doing other activities.

This can be very distracting for everyone and impacts the experience. Having a designated home theater keeps everyone happy and creates a special space.

It also creates the perfect place to entertain a group of people.

Home Theatre System: How to Design It

If you want a home theater system, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider this. Designing a home theater is not as overwhelming as you may think.

All you need to do is have the system installed and create a realistic layout. As well as reducing the brightness and adding soundproofing options.

Are you interested in having a home theater system installed in a specific area of your home? Contact us today at Briggs AV Solutions to get started on your project.