A home theatre viewing experience is the ultimate means of watching movies. Even the celebrities who appear on the big screen have their own theater room for that purpose. Just ask Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and other big-screen entertainers.

It’s a great location not just for family entertainment, but also for family get-togethers and other social activities. Important memories will likely be made in this place. For all these reasons, it’s important to get the home theatre installation done right.

You can DIY a movie room yourself, but how does that compare to a professional installation? Read on as we discuss the difference between doing it yourself and hiring someone else.

Professional Home Theatre Installation for a Projector

Most home theater systems operate with a projector. This gives it that true, authentic home theatre experience just like at your local showing venue. The one where you turn off the lights and snuggle together in the dark with some popcorn.

Modern theatres can also have high-definition OLED televisions for exceptional color quality. However, these are more expensive and smaller.

DIY Installation of the Projector/TV

Of course, you can purchase and install this projector by yourself. However, be prepared to break out a ton of elbow grease.

In most cases, you will be mounting the projector. You’ll place it either on the ceiling or in an alcove at the back of the room. That presents one big risk: the chance of dropping and breaking your new projector.

A decent projector isn’t cheap. This could easily be a purchase of $1000 and upwards. An OLED can cost much more and require the same care during placement.

Plus, you will have to find out on your ownwith trial and errorwhich projector works best. You may find that the one you have purchased does not fit your room’s dimensions. Or, it is lower quality or dimmer than you expected.

Once you take care of all of that, you have to set up your movie source equipment. This means ensuring that you have the proper video settings to get a full HD movie with surround sound. Prepare to spend another weekend or two tinkering with your gear until you get things up and running.

Why Professional Installation is Better

The one benefit you get with DIY is saving money. At the end of the day, though, paying for the installation saves you a ton of headaches. Plus, you get all of that time back to yourself. 

You can solve all of the above problems with a professional’s help. They’ll help you select a projector that works for your movie room and falls under your budget. They’ll place the projector perfectly and mount it securely for safe viewing. 

They handle all of the technical stuff, too. They’ll wire up the HDMI and Display Port connectors to hook up your input options. Any other hardware you require gets installed in a convenient, intuitive way with no skin off your nose.

Installation of Sound Systems

After the visuals, sound can make or break a home theatre. If you’ve set up a pair of speakers, you know better than most how challenging it is to get the acoustics right

DIY Installation of the Projector

There is an entire industry associated with treating rooms for exceptional sound reproduction. This means covering the walls with materials that dampen or reflect sound. It means placing the speaker peripherals in the perfect position, as well as positioning the viewers relative to the speakers’ angles.

It’s quite an undertaking. One that will require hundreds of hours to figure out on your own.

There will be a ton of trial and error and likely lost money in the process. The sound is so critical to the theater room that it could easily ruin the space if not done right.

Why Professional Installation Is Better

Same as with installing a projector, a professional can do it right. They’ve likely installed hundreds of sound systems over the course of their career. They know how to treat rooms for best acoustic performance, and how to position speakers for an unparalleled auditory experience.

They will be able to advise you on which speaker system to purchase. They’ll handle the headache of wiring the system and setting up your input hardware. When all is said and done, watching movies will feel a lot closer to that authentic theater experience.

Creating the Layout, Lighting, and Furnishings

Having the right projector and sound system are the two most important components of a family entertainment room. Before you even set up these things, you need to decide on a layout. You need to determine the aesthetics of the room, the color scheme, and what amenities you will include.

DIY Installation of the Layout, Lighting, and Furnishings

You may have noticed a trend by now. Every single aspect of a theater room requires a certain field of expertise. It’s no different when discussing the layout, lighting, and furnishings.

The layout is perhaps the most important. How large and long the room will be. Where you place the seating, and where you locate add-ons like a minibar or a concessions stand.

Lighting requires lamps to create that classic theatre vibe. They need to be wired so you can brighten and dim them for the film.

Furnishings should not only match the wallpaper and the room treatment. They shouldn’t interfere with sound dispersion. They also require a special configuration so each viewer gets an optimal sonic experience.

Why Professional Installation Is Better

You guessed it. A professional knows how to handle all of these things and more.

More importantly, they can help you establish the feeling you want your home theater to invoke. Do you want a classic theater appearance or one that’s more modern? Your professional installer can give suggestions and help you achieve your desired look.

They’ll take care of the things that would normally be a huge headache. Take, for example, wiring the lighting. Instead of spending hours making sure you don’t shock yourself, you can let a professional handle it.

Install Your Home Theater With Briggs AV Solutions

Home theatre installation is quite an undertaking, particularly because it requires the knowledge of so many disciplines. You have to learn how to fine-tune acoustics as well as do some minor electrical work with lighting. Instead of spending countless hours on your own, save yourself the pain and hire a professional.

Briggs AV Solutions can help you craft a movie room that is perfect for family entertainment. Check out our services and get a quote for your theater room project.